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Automated Lights, Audio and Video

Beautiful. Powerful. Simply Automation is quite simply the best in home and commercial automation. If you desire to live well in a smart home, a home that responds to your life, please review Simply Automation.

If you are interested in automated business systems such as security gate systems, automated lighting and audio video control, please review Simply Automation.

From the most secure entry gates fully equipped with infrared cameras that “see” in the darkest of nights, to automated lighting systems that can be controlled while you are away. Our team designs, installs, and guarantees that your automated home system is everything you desire and easy to use.

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getting started at Simply automation

If you are interested in turning your home into your perfect destination or your business into a secure and technologically advanced facility, please contact us for a free consultation visit today.

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Commercial Services

commercial control services

Simply Automation's commercial control systems are a great way to bring your commercial buildings and business into the 21st century.

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Residential Services

residential control services

Adjust your home's lighting, security, temperature, music and more from one location with the touch of a button.
We can program your systems to work together to your exact specifications.

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